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Tech Free Air Conditioning Mfy Ltd. is a Hong Kong – China joint venture company founded in 2001. With more than 20 years experience in design and manufacturing HVAC product. TECH FREE products are widely used in government buildings, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, factories and exported overseas.

We are a ISO 9001 accredited company, equipped with a national certified Integrated Performance Laboratory and manufacturing plant covering a total area of 250,000 sqf. Our products are certified by EN1886 and AHRI standard.

Our professional engineering team accumulated years of experience providing services from system design, product R&D, control automation to software programming. We have developed “Green” products such as Dual Cooling Heat Recovery Unit, Fresh Air Dehumidifier, Heat Pipe and many more. Foreseeing the requirements of stringent energy efficiency and IAQ requirements, we have collaborated with EC motor, air filtration, air sanitizing and “green” material manufacturers to give more choices to the market, supporting sustainability.


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